Incumbent, two challengers bid for house dist. 5B

… Election 2010 …

By Pat van den Beemt

Posted 10/14/10

Incumbent Wade Kach faces two challengers who want to represent District 5B in Maryland’s General Assembly.

Pete Definbaugh, a Democrat who lives in Baldwin, and Libertarian Justin Kinsey, of Parkton, both say it’s time for a new face in Annapolis.

Kach, a Republican, has been in the House of Delegates since 1975 and has represented North County since 1982.

“I don’t believe anybody should have the same job as long as Wade has,” said Kinsey, a former member of the Hereford Volunteer Ambulance Association and current member of the Hereford Volunteer Fire Company. “Whether by design or default, you owe too many favors and have too many friends in Annapolis after all those years and that can influence your votes on bills.”

Definbaugh agreed. He was a community activist in Overlea where he lived for years before moving to Baldwin two years ago. He had an unsuccessful run for House of Delegates in District 8 in 2006.

“Thirty-five years in office is way too long,” Definbaugh said. “Kach just votes with the party line.”

But Kach said his years in Annapolis only serve to make him a better legislator.

“Anybody who knows me knows I have strong convictions and I consider each bill on its individual merits,” he said. “I’m in Annapolis to solve issues and problems and I’ll work with anybody, Democrat or Republican, to help my constituents.”

Definbaugh, who owns his own electrical contracting company, said he knows people are fed up with out-of-control spending in Annapolis.

“I’m in people’s homes every day and they talk to me,” Definbaugh said.

A big item on his agenda in Annapolis would be to push for a vocational technical high school to be built in Baltimore County.

“It could be privately funded or funded by the state, but we’re missing the big picture if we don’t train the people who don’t go to college,” Definbaugh said.

Kinsey, an administrative manager for Pulse Medical Transportation in Owings Mills, said he supports a zero-based budget that would require a line-by-line examination of all expenditures every year.

“Agencies would have to fight to justify every line, not just that year’s increase. It’s time-consuming, but it would stop the budget from snowballing out of control like it is,” he said.

He said he always considered himself a Republican, but when he studied the traditional conservative values of the Libertarian party, he switched.

“Not having an ‘R’ behind my name means it’s easier to work with both Democrats and Republicans at the state House,” he said.

Kach, a former teacher who also was an auditor with the county school system, said he “becomes incensed” when he reads audit reports of state agencies.

“There are those of us (Republicans) who have come up with cuts in spending that make a lot of sense, but the Democratic majority rejects them,” Kach said. “We have to reduce spending and that’s why it’s so important to get Bob Ehrlich in as governor.”

District 5B has 31,272 registered voters, according to the Maryland State Board of Elections. Of those, 11,852 are Democrats and 14,601 are Republican. Other parties include 111 Green, 5 Constitution, 104 Libertarian, 4,168 unaffiliated and 431 other.

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