Is Electricity Shopping Bad Use OF Your Precious Time?

October 29, 2010

Commenter Jonathan believes that the opportunity costs of shopping for electricity, poring over your cell phone contract and figuring out how you’re getting abused on your cable bill are way too high. Instead of calling WGES to cancel your electricity deal with the intention of switching to a new deal so you can save $10 a month, which will require another phone call and further study, he seems to be suggesting, you could be listening to Brahms or making love to your spouse.

Hard to argue that he’s wrong. It’s unclear, however, whether his solution is just to pay the extra dough and be happy or to get rid of the cell phone and TV.

We do not have a free enterprise system in this country and never have. Why should we all have to spend countless hours figuring out how the power companies, or the cell phone companies, or any of the other utilities, are screwing us over, and which one is screwing us less, or more, than the others? What a waste! How old are you, Mr. Hancock? How many years do you have left? On your deathbed, will you be happy that you allowed the government regulators/BGE/et al. to waste all of those hours/weeks/months of your time?
… Been there. It WAS a waste of time and switching was MORE expensive in the end till switching back.  If you do, be careful which provider you choose. …

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