Kamenetz Seeks To Raise Balto. Co. Business Licensing Fees

… Liquor licenses, restaurants, parking garages among targets …


By Raven L. Hill, The Baltimore Sun

12:49 PM EST, February 25, 2011

Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz is seeking to raise licensing fees for many businesses, including chain stores, dry cleaners, restaurant owners, parking garage operators and liquor outlets.

A change in state law would be required to give the county authority to set the fees. Kamenetz spoke with members of the county delegation Friday in Annapolis, noting that many fees haven’t been raised in more than 50 years. In several instances, the fees do not even cover processing and administrative costs, county officials said.

“We’re trying to make the fees more realistic and representative of where we are,” said Don Mohler, his chief of staff. The proposals were reported by Patch.com.

The county is facing a $38.5 million revenue shortfall as it goes into the budget season. County officials said some fees are as low as $5 and one fee hasn’t been raised since the Civil War era.

The fee increase would also impact cigarette retailers, pool halls, construction businesses, laundromats, plumbers and gas fitters.


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