Leave Bank for Kylee Webster – Revised Information

I am the Leave Bank Coordinator for the Department of Health & Mental Hygiene, and have been working closely with Kylee’s family and Harford County Health Dept. for Kylee’s leave donations and support. 

Today, I received your e-mail which was attached to an employee willing to donate time to Kylee.  At this time, I am asking that all requests for donations to be put on “hold” until March 2012. Kylee has enough time to cover her, cover her pay, cover her insurance and whatever else she needs.  I am making sure, she gets everything she needs.

I truly appreciate all of the care and support that everyone is showing and willing to help her in many ways.  Kylee has a huge support system, we all just need her to get the care she needs and come back 100%!!

So if you would please ask anyone who is willing to donate to think about Kylee in March, mark your calendar, and write  note to remember. 

If you have any questions in regards to Kylee’s donations or what she needs, please contact me, and again, thank you for your support,

Melissa A. Kalisek 

Administration Division ~ OHR

Department of Health & Mental Hygiene

201 W Preston Street

Baltimore MD 21201



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