Letter: Government Center Silence is Deafening

Dundalk resident Ron Schaeffer, in his letter to the editor, says Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz has turned a deaf ear to Dundalk residents and the community’s state legislators.

The following Letter to the Editor was written by Dundalk resident Ron Schaeffer:

In April, I posed several questions for Executive Kevin Kamenetz regarding his proposal to sell North Point Government Center Park.


On May 1, Delegates Sonny Minnick, John Olszewski Jr. and Mike Weir Jr. formally requested Mr. Kamenetz to “step back” for a moment and reevaluate with impacted residents and community organizations any future decisions regarding the North Point Government Center Park.

As of June 6, our delegates had received NO RESPONSE.

On May 24, Senator Norman Stone formally expressed to Mr. Kamenetz  his dissatisfaction and concern that his community had been left out of the initial process—and strongly suggested community outreach.  Senator Stone further encouraged Mr. Kamenetz to “put the brakes” on the decision-making process to permit community members an adequate opportunity for input. Senator Stone also challenged Mr. Kamenetz to prove that his proposed sale of North Point Government Center Park was not a “done deal.”

As of June 6, our distinguished senator had received NO RESPONSE.

On April 9, citizen Larry Thanner filed a Public Information Act Request requesting the county to release copies of the two proposals that were submitted for  North Point Government Center Park. On May 6, the County Office of Law denied Mr. Thanner’s request, citing its concern that “Disclosing bids before the county has made its decisions would not be in the public interest as it would inhibit candor in the decision-making process and…would inhibit creative debate.”


If the above pattern continues we may have to declare Baltimore County a monarchy and crown “King Kevin!”

Ronald R. Schaeffer
Delvale Place

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