Lodge4 Pager Service Program To End February 11, 2011

The current Lodge4 pager service program contracted though Verizon/American Messaging has increased the monthly cost to where the plan is no longer cost efficient for the membership or the organization.  The Board of Directors has therefore determined that this program should be eliminated.

Notification will be sent to each Lodge4 member who currently has a pager through the Lodge that this program will officially end as of February 11, 2011.

It is important that if you are a pager client through the Lodge program that you respond to the notice you are sent and to complete and return to the Lodge the dues deduction card to remove the pager service fee(s) from payroll deduction.

All pagers must be returned to the Lodge or you will continue to be charged each month until the cost of any non-returned pager has been collected to satisfy your obligation to return the pager and end your further obligation to pay the service fee.

If you have further questions please contact “Miss.” Juanita Bouthner who is the Lodge4 Pager Liaison – (410) 668-0004 or Pagers@foplodge4.org.

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