Man Arrested For Attacking Officer; Incident Caught On Video

Wednesday, January 04, 2012
Robert Lang

A 40-year-old Baltimore City man is charged with attacking police officers as they were trying to make an arrest over the weekend.

The attack is captured in an online video.

The incident took place Saturday afternoon in the 2500-block of Monument Street, as police were trying to arrest a man for disorderly conduct.

Police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi told WBAL News that 40-year-old Manuel Imel jumped one of the officers, and forced him to the ground.

Several other officers are shown in the online video trying to get Imel off of the officer.

The video does not show Imel attacking the officer, but it does show Imel sitting on top of the officer.

“I can’t describe this as anything less than a cowardice attack,” Guglielmi said.

He adds that the video shows “what these men and women (police) officers go through every day to keep our city safe.”

Imel was arrested and charged with assaulting a police officer.

A search of court records finds Imel has an extensive criminal record with arrests for drug possession, assault and domestic violence.

Guglielmi said the disorderly conduct suspect ran away.

The video also shows an officer arguing with the man taking the video.

Guglielmi says that man was not charged.

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