MdTA Looks At Lower Toll Rate Increase Down The Road

Friday, February 04, 2011 – Steve Fermier and Baltimore Sun

The state is revising its projections for possible toll increases.

Price hikes for using the biggest and best roads are seen as inevitable.

A couple of years ago the prediction was that tolls would have to go up by more than a dollar and a quarter.

The MdTA is now taking another look and the best estimate is that the boost when it comes will likely be less than a dollar.

Maybe 75 cents or so. One MTA official told The Sun that the reason for the change is that toll revenues are up overall as the economy improves and the budget has been trimmed.

Cost for borrowing money has been low, too, because of low interest rates.

The average tolls are around $3. 

Any toll changes would have to go through a lengthy approval process before the prices change at the toll booths.

That would necessarily include input from the Assembly.

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