Member Of Neighborhood Patrol Charged With Assault

Wednesday, December 01, 2010 – Robert Lang and Associated Press
A member of a neighborhood patrol group is facing felony assault charges for allegedly attacking a 15-year-old boy with a radio.

Eliyahu Werdesheim was arrested Tuesday night.

The 23-year-old is a former Israeli Special Forces soldier and is a member of Shomrim, a neighborhood watch group that patrols mainly the Orthodox Jewish neighborhoods of Northwest Baltimore.

The incident took place along Fallstaff Road on the afternoon of November 19.

Police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi told WBAL News that the African-American teen was walking along Fallstaff Road when three members of the group got out of the car and knocked the teen to the ground, and Weredesheim hit him with a radio. 

Guglielmi said that there were no signs the teen provoked the attack.

However, Weredesheim’s lawyer says his client was attacked by the teen.

Attorney Andrew Alperstein says  the youth had a two-by-four with nails in it and swung it at Werdesheim.

WBAL-TV quotes sources who say the teen was charged as a juvenile last month with auto theft.

Leaders of Shomrim say they have suspended Werdesheim from the group pending the outcome of their own investigation.

Guglielmi says the Shomrim have a very strong partnership with the police department and that won’t change because of this incident.

Werdesheim is now free on bond.

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