Memo Points To Friction Between City Police And Prosecutors

Wednesday, August 31, 2011 – Steve Fermier and Baltimore Sun
Some city police believe they’re being sandbagged by the city state’s attorney’s office.

A reported memo was circulated within the city police department and it cites five specific murder cases where the state’s attorney’s office was accused of preventing or at least stalling arrests, according to The Sun.  

The memo complains that prosecutors are not working “cohesively” with the police department’s mission.

State’s Attorney Gregg Bernstein promised more cooperation with police and more cases sticking before his election.

A police department spokesman said that the complaints are not widespread and represent a small fraction of police investigators.

Normal procedure calls for a thorough review of cases to make sure that cases don’t get tossed.

But the memo  refers to cases where detectives believe the delays are unwarranted.

Earlier this year the top commander in the homicide unit was removed and reassigned.

A department official said that the complaints represent the personal opinion of a small number of investigators.

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