Message Board Activation

The message board log in  should be corrected.

Everyone has to re-register with this site.  Your old log in and password will not work.

After you complete the required information it will be sent to the lodge for verification. (this is not immediate)

If approved, a password (case sensitive) will be sent to you for your initial log in.

You may then log in.  It may be easier to highlight and copy the password to the password section.  This has been an issue for some people. 

Now when you log in it redirects you to the home page.

If it says it will not accept your password, put it in again anyway.

You will still have to click on message board to get to it.

Right now it is a security feature to prevent auto spamming, and we are working on a fix for it so when you log in it goes right into the forum.

Once you are logged on you can go to profile and change your password to something easier.

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