Necessary County Fiscal Action

Dear Fellow County Employee:

The current economic crisis has put pressure on County finances and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.  Accordingly, as you may be aware, the Administration recently introduced a Retirement Incentive Program for review by the County Council. The incentive program is intended to save funds through the further downsizing of County government. 

Additionally, over the last several years, the County had extended to all employees an additional unearned day off.  This was commonly known as an “F” day and it was available to be utilized the day after Thanksgiving or around Christmas Day.  The County incurred significant cost granting the “F” day, therefore, due to the current state of the economy, the County will not be extending this additional unearned leave day to employees this year.  This change does not prevent your supervisor from approving earned leave days off around the holidays under the usual circumstances.

In a further effort to reduce costs, the County will discontinue the monetary award for the Attendance Recognition Program for employees who have not used sick leave during the calendar year.  The County initiated this award to improve available productive time.  It has been only modestly successful in that regard and employees already have the incentive of utilizing accrued sick leave as creditable service toward retirement.

These measures are necessary as the County strives to meet the fiscal challenges we are facing.


Fred Homan

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