New County Exec Promises Job Cuts, But Not Layoffs

Thursday, November 04, 2010 – Robert Lang

Two days after winning the election for Baltimore County Executive, County Councilman Kevin Kamenetz says there will likely be job cuts in county government. 

However, Kamenetz says all of the job cuts will come through attrition and not through layoffs. 

Kamenetz talked about potential job cuts during a news conference this morning, where he announced his transition plans.

“Look I don’t want to get into specific numbers. We have vacancies that have not yet been filled,” Kamenetz said.

“I also want to assure our dedicated county employees that I’m not here coming in as a change agent, trying to do a wholesale revamping of Baltimore County government.  Government in Baltimore County works well, and I think my re-election is a reaffirmation of that fact.”

Kamentz did ask current County Administrative Officer Fred Homan to complete an analysis of projects in county agencies that “have the potential to increase organizational productivity.  He also wants the Director of Information Technology Rob Stradling to review operations to see if technology is being used effectively.

Kamentetz also says that because he has 16-years on the county council he has enough experience in county government that he does not need a large transition team.

He did name former Baltimore County Executive and publisher Ted Venetoulis to serve as a transition advisor in a volunteer capacity.

Kamenetz pointed out that as a teenager he served as a volunteer driver for Venetoulis when he ran for county executive in 1974.

Kamenetz will take office on December 6, succeeding current County Executive Jim Smith.

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