NOAA: Short Term Swings In Winter Extremes Possible

Friday, October 21, 2011 – Steve Fermier
One more forecasting service is weighing in on the upcoming winter.

Just a few weeks after AccuWeather took a stab at it…NOAA…the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration…is out with outlook.

The forecasters are looking for a major influence from La Nina, which can cause weather extremes.  Most of those they are saying will happen in the Southern Plains and Pacific Northwest.

For the Mid-Atlantic…equal chances for above, near, or below normal temperatures and precitpitation.

Expect above average snow for areas well to our west and north.

But they also added this wrinkle…the Arctic Oscillation.

That could bring short swings in temps and snow, not unlike the Snowmaggedon of 2009.

AccuWeather also expects La Nina to influence the winter season…but their prediction was for cold and snow to hit earlier in the season…then let up by February.

We’ll see.


… Best advice is to just look out the window the next morning and you’ll know what fell overnight. …


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