Officials: Violent Crime Drops In Baltimore County

Thursday, May 05, 2011 – Anne Kramer
Baltimore County officials released the second part of their crime figures for 2010. 

Several weeks ago, County Executive Kevin Kamenetz announced that murder rate showed a drop of about 35 percent from 2010 as compared to 2009.

Kamenetz says that violent crime across the board for last year declined.

According to Kamenetz, violent crime was down by 5.4 percent.  He says the number of auto thefts showed the biggest decline for last year. That figure was down by 22.7 percent.

Rapes declined by 17 percent, robbery dropped by 9.2 percent, burglary by 4.5 percent and theft by 7.5 percent according to the county executive.

Kamenetz says that giving police officers the tools they need and the latest technology helps to reduce the crime rate.

“I think what is happening in Baltimore County is that the police department is focused on doing their job in a professional way, working well with the citizens. And we are also following up with a good criminal justice system. When police officers make arrests, we have a good team with our State’s Attorney Scott Shellenberger prosecuting and we’ve got a  good court system where once individuals are convicted they are put away and not committing crimes the next day,” says Kamenetz.

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