Panel Recommends Raises For Judges In Maryland

Thursday, October 13, 2011 – Steve Fermier and
Judges in Maryland could be taking home fatter paychecks.

The Judicial Compensation Commission has given the green light to proposed raises for members of the bench.

The recommendation being sent to lawmakers is that judges salaries increase by $29-thousand over three years starting in 2014.

The Assembly did not act on a similar recommendation a few years ago.

Under the plan judges on the court of Appeals would get more than $191,000, judges on the Court of Special Appeals, over $178,000, Circuit Court judges would receive more than $169,000, and District Court judges, over $156,000.

It’s not clear if lawmakers are in a mood to approve the spending increases in the upcoming session.


… Wouldn’t we all like a $29-thousand salary increase over three years starting any year? …


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