Police Arrest Man For Child Sex ABuse, Impersonating Officer

Thursday, October 28, 2010
Angela Jackson

City Police chief spokesman, Anthony Guglielmi, tells WBAL Radio’s Angela Jackson that police are looking for other possible sex abuse victims after arresting a man this week.

Baltimore City police have arrested a man and charged him with several child sex abuse charges.

Department spokesman, Anthony Guglielmi, said Mark Citro, 48, befriended a 14-year-old boy and his family at the Friendship Academy, a city public school, a year ago where Citro was a mentor.  

Citro told the boy’s family, including his legally blind mother, that he was a police officer who put sex offenders behind bars. 

Guglielmi said Citro worked to gain the family’s trust and the family allowed him to spend the night at Citro’s home at times.  Investigators believe the assaults took place during those times.

The boy and his family contacted police this week about the abuse.  Child abuse investigators acted on the case and charged Citro, according to police. 

Guglielmi said Citro also claims to be a minister at Christ and Country Church on Harford Road in Hamilton.  Police are checking to see if the church is a legitimate operation. 

There are no signs that Citro possessed any material in his background that would raise questions as far as his ability to volunteer at a school, Guglielmi added.

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