Police Blame Red Light Camera Vendor In Citation Snafu

Friday, February 11, 2011 – Steve Fermier and WBAL TV
The city police department is trying to explain how a dead officer’s signature got onto many of the thousands of red light camera citations mailed to alleged violators.

WBAL’s Jayne Miller reported that a citation lists a violation signed by Officer James Fowler, who was killed in Pennsylvania last September.

Anthony Guglielmi with the police department told WBAL News that there was a computer glitch on the end of the vendor, ACS, which sends the actual citations in the mail.

The citations being questioned were mailed just last month. 

Of the approximately 9,000 citations processed, about 2,000 may have had Fowler’s signature. 

A retired officer told Jayne that it’s a computer issue.

The tickets could end up in the courts if those cited contest them.

Read the full story at WBAL TV.


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