Police Officer Charged In Domestic

Wednesday, October 05, 2011 – Robert Lang

A Baltimore County Police officer faces charges of first-degree assault and other crimes after an alleged domestic incident involving his ex-girlfriend, who is also a county police officer.

Both Officer Brian Eaton and the ex-girlfriend work in the Pikesville precinct.

The incident occurred September 23, at Eaton’s home in the 1200-block of Halstead Road in Parkville.

Court documents identify the ex-girlfriend as Shenell Wilkes, who was the mother of Eaton’s 13-month old child.

According to court documents, Wilkes arrived at Eaton’s house to pick up their child.

Wilkes told police that Eaton appeared drunk and the two fought. Eaton allegedly threw the woman against a car, and Eaton pointed a gun at Wilkes.

The police department’s internal affairs division conducted the investigation which led to the charges.

Eaton was arrested Tuesday night and charged with first and second degree assault, false imprisonment and destruction of property.

The police department suspended Eaton’s police powers and seized his service weapon.

Eaton, 23, is a five-year veteran of the police department and is now free on $50,000 bail.


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