Poll Shows Two Big Issues Divide State Voters Almost Evenly

Tuesday, October 04, 2011 – Steve Fermier
A new poll of likely Maryland voters shows almost 50/50 support for, and opposition to, gay marriage and immigrant tuition.

Nearly half of those contacted by the Gonzales organization said they support same sex marriage. 48 percent.

Just about the same…49 percent…oppose the same legal rights for same sex couples as heterosexual mates.

Nearly 60 percent of African American voters said they are opposed to same sex marriage.

As for the Dream Act…47 percent say they agree that children of immigrants not in the state legally should be given in state tuition.

Those polled also said that the economy and jobs is the most important issue…by a whopping 62 percent.

On slots 55 percent of those polled said they oppose increasing the number of machines and locations…but 51 percent said they would get behind allowing table games.

See the complete polling results HERE


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