President Appoints F.O.P. Member To The Federal Advisory Council

On 12 November, President Barack H. Obama, II announced the appointment of long time Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) member and Chairman of the FOP Committee on Federal Officers Louis P. Cannon as Representative to the Federal Salary Council.
National FOP President Chuck Canterbury congratulated Cannon, stating “Lou Cannon continues to be a valuable asset to the FOP, and I know he will be equally effective as a member of the Federal Salary Council.”

The Federal Salary Council is a panel that performs an important role in recommending raises for most federal employees.

The nine-member council meets at least twice a year to determine locality pay, recommend raises for the President to put in his budget, and devise a “salary gap” between federal employees and employees in the private sector doing similar jobs.

Louis Cannon is a longtime veteran of law enforcement and the Fraternal Order of Police. Louis Cannon is the Chief of the D.C. Protective Services Police Department and Deputy Director at the city’s Department of Real Estate Services.

With over 328,000 members, the Fraternal Order of Police is the nation’s largest law enforcement organization.

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