Rash Of Tire Slashings Plagues Suburban Neighborhood

Thursday, December 23, 2010 – Steve Fermier and WBAL TV
Somebody with insomnia and a sharp knife has it in for people in one Catonsville neighborhood. Police are baffled after dozens of tires have been slashed…some cars repeatedly targeted.

It’s been happening in the Broadfield community. People come out in the morning to find one or more and more tires are flattened.

One  woman said they’ve replaced about 30 tires.

One man said it cost him almost $900 to replace the four tires on his pickup.

One resident set up a surveillance camera and caught the culprit.

Police are checking to see if it can yield clues. Investigators believe up to 3 people might be doing it.

Two more cars were hit yesterday.

Police encourage anyone with tips or leads to contact them. 


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