Rice Gives Officer Autograph At Traffic Stop

Tuesday, November 09, 2010 – Robert Lang and Associated Press

Ravens running back Ray Rice admits that he was stopped by Baltimore County Police in Owings Mills yesterday after practice, because officer noted the tint on his windows was too dark, subjecting him to a possible ticket.

Rice later said he gave the police officer an autograph and he did not get a ticket.

Baltimore County Police are investigating the incident.

Lt. Rob McCullough told WBAL News that Rice had only received a verbal warning from the officer, and the player gave the officer the autograph before he left the scene.

The blog Inside Charm City  reported Rice initially deleted Twitter messages on this incident, but the blog captured the image of the tweet.

After practice today, Rice said that he was not expecting special treatment from the officer, and noted he offered the autograph after he was given the warning.  Rice told reporters that he made a mistake posting the incident on Twitter.

Rice said that he was not aware of the state law banning dark tinted windows, but he said he will fix them.

Rice said the incident occurred outside the Game Stop in Owings Mills.


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