Senate Committee Considers Work Zone Speed Camera Limits …

Tuesday, February 21, 2012
Robert Lang  

The Beltway around Charles Street is one of the nine work zones with speed monitors and speed cameras.

The Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee holds a hearing today on a series of traffic bills including a measure to bar the state from operating speed cameras in highway work zones unless workers are present.

Baltimore County State Senator Jim Brochin is sponsoring the legislation.

He believes it is unfair to motorists to have the cameras operating when there are no workers in a work zone.

Last year, the state issued 473,708 citations in highway work zones generating fines of $18.9-million.

Under the current law, the cameras operate 24-hours a day, and motorists caught traveling at least 12 m.p.h. above the posted speed limit receive a citation for $40, but receive no points on their driver’s licenses.

Currently, the cameras are operational in nine highway work zones, including six in the Baltimore area.

CLICK HERE to view the locations of the highway work zone cameras and see how many citations were issued by the cameras in 2011.

There cameras are located on Interstate 95 from the North-side Beltway to I-895 in Baltimore County, as well as on I-95 at the Tydings Memorial Bridge in Cecil County.

The cameras are also located in the Beltway construction zones at Charles Street, Liberty Road, Frederick Road and Wilkens Avenue.

Safety advocates believe the cameras force motorists to slow down.

Similar legislation is also being considered in the House of Delegates.

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