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This PRODUCTS & SERVICES advertising link is provided by FOP Lodge #4 to inform its members of special offers and discounted prices of a commercial nature offered by the vendor who has paid a fee to Lodge #4 for this service. Lodge #4 posts these unsolicited offers without any guarantees of service reliability or product merchantability and no products or services listed are endorsed by Lodge #4. Lodge #4 specifically disclaims responsibility for the information provided by vendors and disseminated through this medium. Products and services listed are intended for Lodge #4 members and/or their families only.

Any complaints regarding a product or service offered here should be addressed to the vendor first. If satisfaction is not received, the Lodge should be notified of any unresolved matters so that appropriate action may be taken against the vendor which shall be limited to revocation of their advertisement or posting.

Reputable vendors wishing to have any commercial advertising posted or wishing to offer commercial merchandise, services, etc., for sale, or to post other commercial enterprise announcements must contact the Lodge, for further information, contractual requirements and current advertising rates for commercial advertising which may be offered under the PRODUCTS & SERVICES link of this website.