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David Buck
Business Coach
The Entrepreneur’s Source

Are you wondering what you will do after you retire?

Have you ever considered owning your own business? Interested in exploring your options at no cost or obligation?

The Entrepreneur’s Source is a consulting firm that specializes in matching Clients to franchises and businesses that meet their goals, needs, and expectations. While the typical franchise broker works for specific franchisors, The Entrepreneur’s Source is independent. We have no ties to specific companies. We use a proven success system, developed by our founders, who share over 40 years experience in all aspects of franchising and business success.

Clients of The Entrepreneur’s Source undergo an intensive education and evaluation process that produces a well-informed, well-matched candidate for a franchisor, making it a valuable service for both the potential franchisee and franchisor. The process can be best described as follows:

  • This service is provided at NO COST or obligation to all members of Lodge 4.
  • We educate the Client about franchising in general and about the relationship between franchisee and franchisor. We do this through printed information as well as question-and-answer sessions.
  • Each Client fills out a variety of questionnaires, surveys, and assessments that elicit behavioral traits, interests, attitudes, values, and work styles. During this step, several interactive discussions are conducted with the Client to determine his/her goals, needs, and expectations of self employment. This information is then used to help determine if a Client is right for self employment, and if so, for which specific industries. We strive to take the emphasis off of the sizzle and select a business model that will be a vehicle for the Client to meet their goals, needs, and expectations.
  • From the information gathered, The Entrepreneur’s Source prepares a list of applicable franchise and/or business opportunities. At least three opportunities are selected that meet the Client’s financial capabilities, personality strengths, and transferable skills. Throughout the selection process the Client is coached to keep their emotions in check and encouraged to “broaden their comfort zone” when considering an opportunity.
  • Once the Client makes a choice, The Entrepreneur’s Source continues to guide the Client through the process, explaining the franchise agreement (from a business perspective), disclosure documents, and the process of working with an attorney and accountant.
  • Before the Client approaches the franchisor or business opportunity, The Entrepreneur’s Source prepares a recommendation to the company outlining why the prospective franchisee would be a valuable asset to their system.

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