Sheriff’s Deputy Collides With Car, Then Hits Wall

Tuesday, March 01, 2011 – Angela Jackson 
A Baltimore City Sheriff’s deputy could face charges after colliding with a civilian vehicle in north Baltimore today.  City police spokesman, Detective Donny Moses, says it happened around 9:30 at Greenmount Avenue and 21st Street. 

Moses says the deputy was driving a 2006 Chevy Impala northbound on Greenmount Avenue with lights and sirens activated. 

While attempting to make a left turn onto 21st Street, he collided with a Jeep Grand Cherokee driven by a 25-year-old.  The sheriff’s vehicle then crashed into the brick wall of S&W grocery store. 

The deputy was taken to Shock Trauma with minor facial injuries.  He was released around noon.  The civilian driver was transported to Hopkins with head and neck injuries. 

Moses says the deputy could face charges for improper passing. 

Sheriff’s Department spokeswoman, Sergeant Carla Lightsey, says the deputy was going southbound on Greenmount when the collision happened at the intersection. 

“He was responding to an incident and he collided with another vehicle and hit the wall,” she says.  “That vehicle was towed away and the other vehicle was also towed.” 

Lightsey says the deputy is fine, although a bit shook up and recovering at home.  She adds no charges are pending at this time. 

One witness who saw the accident says he thought the deputy was unconscious.   He says his siren was on. 

“I heard the siren coming up the street and the skid where both drivers tried to avoid one another,” he says.  “The sheriff’s car tried to turn and ran into the Cherokee and then ran into the wall at the store.” 

Another witness who was a block away on 22nd Street says the deputy did not have a siren turned on. 

“He came down and made the turn, but I did not hear no siren, any kind of noise,” he says.  “He ain’t let nobody know what he was doing.” 

The deputy has been with the department for close to two years.  His name is being withheld.  Authorities continue to investigate the case, Lightsey adds.

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