Show Cause Hearing For Kamenetz Cancelled After County Complies With Court Order

On May 30, 2014 Baltimore County filed a Certificate of Compliance with the relevant order issued by Judge Finifter.

The County then notified the Court that, as of May 30, 2014, the health care subsidy rates for the FOP retirees were reset for each affected retiree to those rates in place at the time of his or her retirement. *This will appear in the June 2014 retirement payment.

Baltimore County then issued a check in the amount of One Million Six Hundred Ninety-Six Thousand Four Hundred Three Dollars and Ninety-Eight Cents ($1,696,403.98) made payable to the Baltimore County Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge No. 4. *This check was received and deposited in a separate bank account, solely established for the purpose of holding these funds until the time they are disbursed to the retirees.

In reviewing the calculations for the payment to ensure that the County has paid everything that is required.  The FOP discovered that a few months of overcharges may not have been included in the original payment. This was communicated to the County and resulted in an additional $84,866.00 owed to our retirees.  We received the additional payment on June 5, 2014. In addition we discovered that there was also an error in the calculation of interest.  This was also communicated to the County and resulted in another additional payment $20,209.56. We received the additional payment on June 10, 2014. This brings the total amount to $1,801,479.54.  All funds were deposited in the account as stated above.

On June 13, 2014 after receiving confirmation from Lodge #4 that the County has complied with the Order Judge Finifter dismissed the Order for the County representative to appear.   Judge Finifter’s Order

While the County has made the payment, the County has not dropped its appeals of the Court’s orders requiring them to reset the subsidy rates and pay damages.  Accordingly, those two orders are still subject to review by the Maryland Court of Special Appeals and potentially the Maryland Court of Appeals.  Because it remains possible that the County may prevail in these appeals, the FOP is not able to distribute the reimbursement for over charged health care subsidies until the appeals have been exhausted or withdrawn.

The FOP does not think these appeals have merit and that the November 19, 2012 decision by the Maryland Court of Appeals should have signified an end to this case.  We will continue to communicate that to the Executive and other elected officials in an attempt to stop this waste of tax payer dollars and bring this case to an end.


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