Some Teachers Breaking with Union Over Performance-Based Pay

Tuesday, October 12, 2010
Steve Fermier and Baltimore Sun

WBAL’s Steve Fermier reports that some teachers are balking at the performance based pay deal.

Peter French, a teacher at City Neighbors Charter School, talks with WBAL’s Steve Fermier about his objections to the contract proposal.

City teachers have mounted a campaign to stop approval of a new contract that would tie pay to performance.

The campaign went online soon after the teachers union released details about the agreement, which would be one of the first to change the time honored system of pay based on classroom longevity.

CEO Andres Alonso called the deal a landmark because it bases compensation on classroom performance and student achievement, one of the first in the nation to move in that direction.

And the realative novelty of the idea is exactly what worries some teachers. Some say they don’t really understand what they’re voting for.

One union rep told The Sun that once questions are answered, teachers are fine with it.

Early voting on the document is to get underway tomorrow and concludes on Thursday afternoon.


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