Speed Cameras Not Clicking For Revenue

Friday, September 30, 2011 – Steve Fermier and Patch.com
Speed cameras aren’t just causing drivers to slow down.   Revenues are losing momentum too in Baltimore County.And not only are the fines decreasing as drivers take the pedal off the metal.  Thhe company that owns and operates the cameras in 15 school zones are getting a bigger slice of the citation pie.ACS State and Local Solutions…the private contractor is getting 95 percent of the gross and that is up from about 80 percent last year, according to TowsonPatch.com.

And county officials also are dealing with decreasing fines which many point out is a good thing when you consider that might reflect improved safety.

Theoretically, the county could reach the point where it will lose money, if the citations fall below a certain level, Bryan Sears, contributor to Maryland’s Morning News, and writer for TowsonPatch.com reported. 

The reported drop for the county treasury is 36 percent.

Meantime, the number of accidents in school zones is not going down, police said.

Of the $2.3 million collected for tickets in the last year, ACS received $2.2 million and the county took in about $107,000. 



… Revenue trumps safety. …


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