Sponsor: No Vote On Death Penalty Repeal This Year

Friday, March 18, 2011 – Robert Lang
The sponsor of a bill to repeal the death penalty says there won’t be a vote on the bill this year in the Maryland General Assembly.

Baltimore City Delegate Sandy Rosenberg told WBAL News that it is “too late” in the Maryland General Assembly’s 90-day session for both the House and the Senate to take a vote on the bill.

Rosenberg says that supporters of the bill are trying to “build momentum” to get the bill passed next year.

Rosenberg said a hearing in the House Judiciary Committee this week will help educate new lawmakers on both sides of the death penalty issue.

The bill did pass the House of Delegates two years ago, but the Senate rejected it and lawmakers instead approved some new evidence standards for capital punishment cases.

Governor O’Malley supports a death penalty repeal.

Executions have been on hold in Maryland since late 2006 when the Maryland Court of Appeals ordered the state to draft a new regulatory protocol for lethal injections.  The O’Malley Administration presented a legislative panel with a new protocol last year, but it was later withdrawn after state officials learned one of the drugs used for lethal injections is no longer being manufactured.

There are five men on Maryland’s death row.  The last execution took place in 2005.



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