State Prosecutor Subpoenas Leopold

… Prosecutor seeks records of Leopold’s public schedule …

By Nicole Fuller, The Baltimore Sun

1:21 PM EDT, March 17, 2011

Anne Arundel County Executive John R. Leopold was served with a subpoena from the state prosecutor’s office Wednesday night as part of an investigation into whether Leopold misused government resources by directing his county-funded security detail to carry out campaign activities, a spokesman for Leopold confirmed Thursday.

The subpoena seeks the county executive’s schedule from 2008 to the present, according to Leopold spokesman Dave Abrams. The subpoena also requires Leopold to answer questions regarding the schedule, but Abrams said: “We believe the request will be satisfied by providing the schedule.”

Abrams said Leopold would provide the documents “as soon as possible.”

“The county executive is responding to any and all requests from the state prosecutor’s office,” he said.

The subpoena was served through County Attorney Jonathan A. Hodgson and also names Patty Medlin, Leopold’s appointments secretary and the custodian of records for his schedule.

John M. Singleton, an attorney acting on behalf of five members of Leopold’s security detail, said they are negotiating an immunity deal with the Office of the State Prosecutor that would allow the county police officers to provide information to investigators without threat of prosecution.

The county’s fire union chief, Craig Oldershaw, and Joanna L. Conti, a Democrat who lost last year’s election to Leopold, also said in recent days that they have been contacted by an investigator from the state prosecutor’s office regarding the county executive’s use of his security detail.

State Prosecutor Emmet C. Davitt, whose office is charged with prosecuting public officials, would not confirm or deny an investigation on Wednesday, citing his office’s policy not to comment on what could be a continuing inquiry.

Leopold, a Republican in his second term, said Wednesday he had “no knowledge” of an investigation but acknowledged that his security detail carried out tasks for him as he was recuperating from back surgery last year. He also called the allegations “political retaliation.”

According to those who say they were interviewed by investigators, the investigation has focused on a couple of alleged incidents, including members of Leopold’s security detail being directed to pick up a campaign contribution check and to remove Conti’s campaign signs.

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