Store Manager, Boyfriend Arrested After Toys ‘R’ Us Theft

… Police suspected inside job at Security Square Mall …

By Liz F. Kay, The Baltimore Sun

10:52 AM EST, November 29, 2010

Baltimore County police have arrested a Toys ‘R’ Us store manager and her boyfriend suspected of stealing money from a location at Security Square Mall in Woodlawn Saturday morning.

Tamara Mickey, 34, and Matthew Domonick Wells, 31, both of Baltimore, were arrested Saturday and both charged with grand theft. Mickey faces an additional charge of false statement to a police officer, according to police.

Mickey called Baltimore County Police to report a robbery at 8 a.m. Saturday. She told officers that a man had entered the store with a handgun demanding money from the safe, according to police.

However, when police reviewed the store’s surveillance videos, they saw Mickey walk out of the store with the suspect. Later, during interviews with police, Mickey stated she and her boyfriend planned to stage a robbery to take the money.

“Our security cameras showed that it was an inside job,” said Frank Meyer, general manager of Security Square Mall. “They were hugging and kissing before he came into the store.”

The Toys ‘R’ Us store is one of several small “express locations” of the toy store that was opened for the holiday shopping season, according to news reports. The store opened its doors in October, according to mall officials.

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