Teachers Take Stand Against Evaluation System

Tuesday, June 21, 2011 – Steve Fermier and Baltimore Sun
The state has approved a new system for public schools that ties how well teachers are doing to how well their students are doing.

All of the teachers on the Maryland Council for Educator Effectiveness voted against it.

But the majority prevailed anyway and starting in 2013 Maryland will be one of about a dozen states to give teachers their grades based at least partly on the ones their students get.

That includes how well the kids do on standardized testing.

Fully half of the teacher’s evaluation will be on a combination of students’ work and other benchmarks.

The other fifty percent will come from assessment by principals.

City CEO Andres Alonso told The Sun he likes much of the plan but doesn’t think its perfect.

The local teachers’ union will have some say in how the program works in the local system. 

Maryland is in line for $250 million federal dollars in the Race to the Top program which requires the reforms approved this week. 


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