Two Charged with Robbing Store, Bank

… Suspects got away with more than $25,000 …

7:59 AM EST, December 6, 2011

Two men are awaiting trial in the armed robberies of a Baltimore check cashing store in Charles Village in October and a bank in Owings Mills in February. What makes these robberies unusual is the amount taken — more than $26,000 combined.

The Maryland U.S. Attorney’s Office says that two men robbed the Gold Check Cashing store in the first block of West 22nd St. on Oct. 27. They waited for the owner to pull out his keys to open for business, then forced him inside and ordered him to open the safe.

Authorities said the men got away with $16,493 in cash and $5,190 in checks.

On Feb. 14, police said the men charge, and another accomplice, robbed a PNC Bank branch located in a Giant Food Store in the 9700 block of Groffs Mills Drive in Owings Mills. Police said they got away with $10,618.

The FBI used confidential informants to help lead them to the suspects.

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