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      DAY ON THE HILL 2011!!!
        FOP NEWS: National Legislative Office is now on Facebook!

Executive Director Jim Pasco attended numerous swearing in ceremonies for new and returning members in both the House and the Senate.

Executive Director Pasco  had discussions with other labor organization about a FLSA case in New York City in which Mayor Michael Bloomberg is discriminating against New York City Police Department sergeants.

On behalf of the entire staff in the National Legislative Office, we wish all of our members a Happy New Year!

The Members of the 112th Congress were sworn in at noon on 5 January, beginning the First Session of the Congress. 

Action in the House
Representative John A. Boehner (R-OH) was elected as the new Speaker of the House, as expected, and Representative Nancy P. Pelosi (D-CA) was elected as Minority Leader.  The newly seated Congress considered a package of new rules governing the conduct of the House.

The House opened its session on Thursday with a public reading of the U.S. Constitution.

Action in the Senate
The Senate is in recess until 25 January.  

A.  Social Security Issues

(1)  Support the “Social Security Fairness Act”
This legislation, which would repeal both the Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP) and the Government Pension Offset (GPO), has not yet been reintroduced.  Staff from the National Legislative Office are engaged with staff in both the House and the Senate to get these bills introduced quickly.

(2)  Opposing any legislation that would require the participation of public employees in Social Security
The FOP will continue to lobby against this scheme and oppose any legislation which would mandate participation in Social Security.

B.  Support the “Public Safety Employer-Employee Cooperation Act”
This legislation, which would which would guarantee the right of public safety employees to bargain collectively with their employers over hours, wages and conditions of employment, has not yet been introduced.  The National Legislative Office staff has already contacted key Members of Congress regarding this legislation and we are working on an introduction strategy.

C.  Support the “Law Enforcement Officers Procedural Bill of Rights Act”
This legislation, which would provide a minimum level of procedural protections for law enforcement officers accused of administrative wrongdoing because of the gravity of potential harm to officers created by this lack of uniform safeguards, has not yet been introduced.  National Legislative Office staff are engaged with staff in both the House and the Senate to get these bills introduced.

D.  Support the Law Enforcement Officers Equity Act”
This legislation, which would provide would provide 6 (c) benefits to approximately 30,000 Federal law enforcement officers who currently do not have them, has not yet been introduced.  National Legislative Office staff are engaged with staff in both the House and the Senate to get these bills introduced.

IV.    FOP NEWS: Day on the Hill 2011: 14-16 February!!!

Your participation in this year’s Day on the Hill event could not be more important.  Following a historic mid-term election, the 112th Congress was sworn in this week, resulting a change of control of the U.S. House of Representatives and a dynamic shift in the political climate on Capitol Hill.  We need to make our voices heard at the start of the Congress, and work hard to ensure that our issues are considered in the next two years.  Please attend if you can–we need your participation!!!

The FOP Day on The Hill 2011 will begin on Monday, 14 February 2011.  The National Legislative Office and the National Legislative Committee will host a short briefing on our legislative agenda at the District of Columbia Lodge #1 at 711 4th Street, NW.  The briefing will take place on Monday afternoon at 3pm and last approximately one hour.  Additional details will be forthcoming.

Tuesday and Wednesday, 15-16 February, will be devoted to your meetings with Members from your home States and districts.  These appointments should be made in advance!!!  Event participants should make every effort to have their Representative or Senator attend the meeting along with the appropriate staff person.

Accommodations for Day on the Hill” Participants
The National Legislative Office has arranged for accommodations at the Hamilton Crowne Plaza ( http://www.hamiltonhoteldc.com/) at  14th & K Streets, NW, Washington, DC 20005.  The hotel is located just one block from the Metro, making it easy for you to move around Capitol Hill and the city.

The rate is $181 per night, and you must identify yourself as part of the National Legislative Office to get this special rate.  Make your reservations now by calling 202-682-0111, or through the website above. 

The cut-off date for reservations is 1 February 2011, so don’t delay–make that reservation today!!!

V.      FOP NEWS: National Legislative Office is now on Facebook!
Because our grassroots are so important to our efforts on Capitol Hill, we have created a National Legislative Office Facebook page to keep our members informed.

Take a moment now to join our Facebook page to stay current with the latest information from Washington, D.C.  Please feel free to join in any of our discussions and don’t forget to invite all your FOP brothers and sisters to join!


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