Watch Video Testimony of the FOP in Opposition of of SB834 and SB843

Members of the Maryland State FOP testify in front of House Judiciary in opposition of SB834 and SB843, sponsored by Senator Jill Carter.  The FOP OPPOSES these bills. This legislation would remove the expungement provision from the LEOBR, make the Baltimore City Civilian Review Board have jurisdiction over any officer, from any agency working in the city and the right to appeal discipline to the Circuit Court if in disagreement with any Chief of Police.

Senator Carter’s testimony begins approximately at the 2:48 mark.  Chairman Zirkin questions a member of her staff about the provisions at approximately the  3:03:30 mark. The city mayor’s, and new police commissioner’s attorney speaks against the bills at approximately the 3:10 mark. FOP testimony begins at approximately the 3:13 mark.

Committee Video

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