What does the FOP win in the Retiree Subsidy Case mean for you?

You are only included in the case if you retired between February 1, 1992 and June 30, 2007.

If you retired during that period your health care subsidy (percentage) should have never changed. At that time we had contract language that prevented it.

What this decision means is that if your subsidy was changed, the County owes you a refund.  Everyone in this case will have a different amount owed to him/her depending on the plan (PPO, HMO) or whether you were single, parent/child or family plan.

At this time there is no time table for refunds to be sent out.  Individual calculations have to be made for all those affected and verified.

As more information becomes available we will communicate that to the membership.

Congratulations to all those affected!!

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